The 9th Biannual Joint Meeting of the CIE/USA and CNC/CIE Presentations

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November 7-8, 2013, University of California, Davis, CA

Technical Presentations

 “Investigating the Trade-Off between Luminous Efficacy and CRI,” Lorne Whitehead, University of British Columbia

 “Vision Experiment on White Light Chromaticity for Lighting,” Yoshi Ohno & Mira Fein, NIST and Oberlin College

 “Improving Traceability of Fluorescence Calibrations,” Joanne Zwinkels & William Neil, National Research Council Canada

 “An Alchemist, a Frustrated Poet, Some Charlatans, and Contemporary Color Theory,” Gioia Fonda, Sacramento City College

 “Ambient Lighting Interventions,” Melinda La Garce, Southern Illinois University

 “Effects of Specific Wavelengths of Ambient Light on Human Blood Chemistry,” Melinda La Garce, Southern Illinois University

 “Progress with Lamp Safety Standards,” David Sliney, CIE-Davis, CA

 “Light Source Flicker: What We Need to Know, and Why You Should Care,” Jennifer Veitch, National Research Council Canada

 “Indoor Ice Rinks and LED Technology,” André Laperrière & Chrisnel Blot, Hydro‐Québec and Spectralux

 “LED Lighting – Value and Opportunities,” Paull Fini, CREE SBTC

 “Delivering Real Solutions While Dealing with New Levels of LED Technology Complexity,” Howard Yaphe, Axis Lighting

 “Ultra-Smart Luminaires, Windows, and Skylights,” Konstantinos Papamichael, CLTC, UC Davis

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