Technical Council

Chairman David Sliney, Ph.D.
Primary Member Alternate
Division 1
Vision and Colour
Ellen Carter, Ph.D. Paula J. Alessi
Division 2
Physical Measurement
of Light and Radiation
Yuqin Zong, Ph.D. Kathleen Muray
Division 3
Interior Environment
and Lighting Design
Terry McGowan Naomi Miller
Division 4
Lighting and Signalling
for Transport
Otto Letamendi
Division 5
Exterior Lighting and Other
Thomas M.Lemons Peter Strasser
Division 6
Photobiology and
George C. Brainard, Ph.D. Richard Vincent
Division 8
Image Technology
Max Derhak Danny Rich, Ph.D.
CIE President Yoshi Ohno, Ph.D
CIE Division Director, Division 4 Ron Gibbons, Ph.D
CIE Division Director, Division 8 Po-Chieh Hung, Ph.D
Standards Committee Chairman (Position Open)

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