27th CIE Quadrennial

Sun City

The forthcoming Session in South Africa in 2011 will be the last Session in the CIE’s first century. It will, significantly, also be the first full CIE Session to be held on the African continent. South Africa successfully hosted the Soccer Worldcup in 2010 and the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA) is confident that it can organize an equally successful CIE Session in 2011.

As President of the CIE and as a South African, I am therefore proud to invite you to our 2011 CIE Session in Sun City. It has recently been predicted that Africa will eventually become the hub of tourism internationally due to its incredible wildlife, huge game parks, the warmth of its people and its sheer natural beauty. Experience this unique environment before, during and after our conference – and before everybody else does.

For further information and detailed arrangements, please contact the Conference Website, either through the CIE homepage at www.cie.co.at or directly at www.cie2011.co.za.

Looking forward to seeing you at the CIE Session in South Africa in July 2011,

Dr.Franz Hengstberger

President: CIE

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