CIE 29th Quadrennial Session

The 29th Quadrennial Session of the CIE will be held in Washington DC in June 2019. Conference web site is:

How to become a sponsor of the 2019 CIE Quadrennial:

CIE Quadrennial Sponsorship Brochure

Complete the form on pp. 5-6 of the brochure linked above, or sign-up on the conference website as-follows:

  1. Go to Quadrennial web site:
  2. Halfway down the page on the left, click on the “CIE2019 Sponsorship” logo”.
  3. This brings up a conference registration page. Personal conference registration and sponsorship registration use the same online system. Sign in as a new user or, if you already have an account, login. You will be given the chance to register personally or not the next screen.
  4. Once you are logged in, choose *Sponsorship*.
  5. Choose the type of sponsorship you would like. If you choose “other”, an additional selection page will appear.
  6. On the “Participant Preferences” page the company name and the country are required.
  7. Payment options follow.

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