CIE/USA 2014 Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA

Technical Presentations,October 6, 2014

Yoshi Ohno (NIST), Vision Experiments on the effects of chroma saturation on general color preference of lighting

Alan Lewis (New England College of Optometry), EZ-ID – A Proposed Method of Improving Visibility and Recall of License Plate Numbers

Yuqin Zong (NIST), Recent Progress on Optical Metrology for Solid-State Lighting at NIST

Daniel Salinas (Lighting System Designer), How Lighting Specifiers Use the Lighting Information Generated from Test Method Standards (no presentation)

Ron Gibbons (VTTI), Building the Relationship Between Roadway Lighting and Vehicle Safety

Konstantinos Papamichael (CLTC/UC-Davis), Lighting Quality Considerations in Energy Regulations

Maria Nadal (NIST), CIPM and CCPR – What Are These Organizations and How Do They Affect My Testing?

James Leland (Copia LLC), Proposed Terminology for Fluorescence Spectrophotometry

Cameron Miller (NIST), SSL MAP Summary with Analysis of Metadata

Tatsukiyo Uchida (Panasonic Corporation), Research on Adaptation Field Definition for CIE Mesopic Photometry System Installation

Jeff Hulett (Vektrex), Implementation and Comparison of the LM-85 Measurement Methods

Yuqin Zong (NIST), Development of 2 Pi Total Spectral Radiant Flux Standards at NIST

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