President’s Report – October 2003

This report culminates my term as your president. It has been a rewarding experience with unexpected problems but with a sense of satisfaction that our effort in hosting the 25th Session of the CIE has met with such success. There were times when our search for sponsors and the planning budget for the Session gave me great concern. Thanks to the hard work of the national organizing committee, the CIE/USA Executive and Administration committees and many others in the National Committee my worries never came to pass. I thank everyone that helped in making the 25th Session a success, which as we stated in our invitation, “…one that you will not forget”. A few organizations however warrant special thanks. Without the daily assistance of the staff of the International Dark-Sky Association before the session and during the Session our effort would have been sorely compromised. The registration responsibility, and the wonderful assistance in catering in the persons of Mary Crawford and her daughter, Lisa Bruhn resulted in the many compliments from the participants world-wide. Our local organizing committee, because of its logistics base, provided the continuity and organization which gave the technical portion of the Session a first in extensive room and time allocations. I have received many favorable comments from the technical chairs as to how much was accomplished during the Session because of the extra time and space available. My thanks to all in that committee. Special thanks also goes to the Vice-President, Terry McGown, Rolf Bergman and Richard Austin for the publication of the proceedings and the audio/visual organization of the technical program. With the final CD to be completed by the end of this year, the 25th Session has set a great precedent for the electronic use of all information on Quadrennials in the future. Lastly of course, without the oversight of our Session treasurer, Hy Kaplan, our worst fears of red ink might have occurred. Many, many thanks, Hy.

The major action items taken during the past year are as follows:

The Executive Committee together with the Administrative Committee met again in Tucson, Arizona on 20 March 2002, under the wonderful climate of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) . The first of many planning sessions was held to set the direction and support the CIE/USA will require in the coming years. The minutes of that meeting have been distributed. The work of the Divisions and Technical Committees has been very active during the past year. Most met during the 25th Session with very good results. The US Division Representatives and TC chairs have all been active in these meetings.

Our Internet Web Site continues to be a very important source of information with over 9618 hits registered. A great many of these hits are of course due to the 25th Session. All Constituent Societies are linked, as of course the CIE International one as well. Our sponsors web sites were also linked. Comments and additions from all members are considered and installed on the Web Site as soon as possible. It has become a convenient way to get information quickly to the membership.

The Executive Committee was the host for the dinner reception of the CIE Board of Administration before the 25th Session began. This gave us all the opportunity to meet socially with the Board and exchange our national views of the CIE and what we need to do in the future.

As I have done each l year, I would again like to thank all members of the CIE/USA and especially the Executive and Administrative Committees and the Technical Council for their voluntary effort supporting the US National Committee. The last four years are ones that are a culmination of the years since I joined in 1967 and have given me the privilege of seeing the CIE/USA grow and be able to again host our friends from around the world. I will always treasure this memory. My very best to the incoming President and trust he will find the experience as rewarding as I have.

Respectfully submitted,
J. Rennilson, President

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